Integrate Science Laboratory


MAE 224 is the Integrated Science Lab. This Wiki and associated github cover the Fluids portion of the 224 Lab. All lab manuals and documentation can be found here.

If you are just starting the lab course, begin with Lab 1, Part 1 (below and here).


This lab is designed for those with little to no programming experience. The primary language we will use is Matlab and by the end of this course you should have gained the basic skills of acquiring, processing, and plotting/saving data using Matlab functions.

Programming Requirements

Tutorials & Documentation

Set up a Photon

Quickly perform the setup of your new Photon on the lab computers

Particle Photon Pinout Diagram

Quick reference diagram of the pin locations on the Particle Photon

Class Description

Description of the functions and variables in the Photon class and how to access them from Matlab

Technical Report Guidelines

Expectations from technical reports


Example 1 - Read and Write

Quick tutorial on how to use the Photon class to read and write data with analog pins

Example 2 - PWMs

Overview of Analog and Digital Signals as well as tutorial on using the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pins

Example 3 - Servos

Quick tutorial on how use a servo with the Photon class and read a PWM signal


Lab 1, Part 1 - Lab Equipment Basics

Get familiar with all the tools you will be using this semester.

Lab 1, Part 2 - Hydrostatics

Special topics in hydrostatics.

Lab 2 - Pipe Flow

Are you in the Moody for some friction factors?

Lab 3 - Boundary Layers

The wall is the law in this town.

Lab 4 - Lift and Drag

What goes up will stay up, if it has enough lift. Introduction to Airfoils and Qblade

Wind Turbine Project

Simulating Wind Turbine Rotors with QBlade

Can it be done?

Exporting Blades to Creo

Surely you can’t export it to Creo.

Design Requirements

How big is too big?